What’s HappyNation?

HappyNation is a new nation, a powerful social network of happy people sharing the same mindset and the way of understanding life.

Yes, HappyNation is also about food, drinks and parties in the best venues. Nevertheless, all this lifestyle is just an excuse to gather people with no labels and no frontiers, citizens of the world with the same dreams and craving for happiness. HappyNation wants to make them live a unique and unforgettable lifestyle experience based on real friendship, freedom and fun.

HappyNation way of life

Choose to be happy and whatever it comes, keep up the attitude always!

Kill off the mediocrity. Escape from the boring. Love and make love without prejudice. Say what you think and think what you say. Get lighter and throw away everything you don’t know you own. Get rid of energy vampires. Learn to be free. Trust your intuition. Don’t become a social clone. Disbelieve the religious and political preachers. Understand majority is poorness and minority is richness. Learn the rules and break them up. Arouse envy. Seduce the beautiful. Be successful. Happiness is the sexiest thing ever.

And always remember that happiness is not a feeling but an attitude!